Dent that came with the car, drivers' front fender

Door handles have worn paint, with sploches of rust coming up through the paint (hard to explain)

Inside the hatch, pieces that we JBWelded onto the top, and on the left, the piece that we went around and used in the tail-facing piece (ie, the brake light deleting portion of the repair

Another pic, looking straight up. This is directly covering one of the holes

Top down view of hatch. Cracking occurs along the hole length of the repair no matter the prep work done =\

Passengers' side door sill. This is actually the worst piece of rust on the car. I'm afriad the best way to repair this would be to grind a lot of it down, if not removing it and preforming lots of repairs...

Passengers' side door, by the front fender. This part of the door is rusted badly, but I think it can be ground down and is still usable.

Another pic along the door.

Out of focus picture of the door, *sorry*

Front portion of the door, where you saw the earlier rusted picture

Ah, the door sill again. Disgusting.

Fender well rust. Piece of cake for a wire wheel

Don't ask me how this happened. Passenger side shock tower in the engine bay. I dont think its structurally threatening, I think it just looks bad.