7/21/06 Hmmm... almost 6 months ago

A lot has been going on with the car. I'm going to have to get more pictures downloaded, and some writeups done! Check em out:

* De-rusted starter terminals, new negative battery cable and (mostly) fixed key-off battery drain

* Made a new shift boot, mostly thanks to Sayoko's good talents!

I also painted the center console and radio trim to a dark charcoal grey metallic. I got the idea from WeST's photos on the Zilvia.net forums, so direct props to him for that, it looks great.

Sunpro 2" water temp/voltmeter/oil pressure gauges mounted in a custom piece I made to fit under the radio, and painted to make the rest of the new grey stuff. It looks great, but I've gotta get the temp and pressure gauges hooked up yet. They don't look as 1337 as Autometer, but they were inexpensive, reliable gauges. My only gripe these gauges is that they use splash lighting, instead of a backlight, like a factory instrument cluster. If I ever get the $$ or the motivation, I could sell these and pick up a set of Autometer or whatever.

* New HU (JVC KD-G820), with some 600Hz bass blockers installed in the back. Wow, even off the HU, my 6.5s in the front sound great, and with the bass blockers I can really turn up the back speakers without distortion. It'll be even better when I rewire the fronts to the amp. The front USB port is gonna be kickass too.

* Fixed the hatch rust and got it painted, but unfortunately the metal Dennis and I put in there may be too flexible. No amount of prep work can keep the paint from cracking. As a result I may get together with Tyler in PA and do some welding (read: fixing it properly)

* The dreaded timing chain rattle is fixed! No more krik krik krik at idle...

* Z32 TT fuel filter installed

That's not all though. I got a Bomz Racing intake on the way. I was going to custom make my own, but at an ebay deal of $40, its the same price as buying a K&N filter to begin with! I think I'm gonna get some ducting though and use it to direct some cool air from under the bumper to where the cone is. We'll see :-)

Also in the mail is an SD card and reader. I decided to get these instead of a flash drive cause I could use the SD card for my ancient mp3 player, and I can use the card reader with it as a flash drive for my computer and my HU.

3 quarts of Redline MTL-90 are on their way also. I couldnt find any around here so I had to order online... all the places stock GL-5 oil, which is bad for the syncros on our tranmissions... so read up before you fill up.

Lastly for now, a look at some of the body work I need to do if I'm gonna do body work/paint with Tyler... ouch...

1/31/06 Webpage updates!?

I have:

a) Gotten some free time to update this page

b) Resolved some php issues with the server

c) Finally stopped trying to read back threads on nicoclub.com

d) All of the above...

10/18/05 Finally an update

I've gotten a few pictures finally put up here that were taken awhile ago. The car now has 186k+ miles on it, still going. I had to replace the tires cause there was some pretty bad sidewall damage. I got Kumho Ecsta Supra 712's in 205/50/ZR16. I paid $2 extra per tire for W rated tires, but they sent me Z instead. I needed em, so I just put em on and dealt with it. Too bad I havent gotten to drive em much since then, I'm back in Buffalo for school. Done some other things too. Fixed the climate control light (hate when that crap doesnt work), also changed the instrument lighting to amber. Cool stuff, hopefully pictures coming soon.

I bought this car in late July 2005 with over 182k miles as a project car. I'd been interested in the 240SX since I got my license when I was 17. With 240's becoming popular and money going to school, I ended up getting this Corolla and grew to love it. However, in early June, an old lady decided it'd be a good idea to make a left turn from her blind drive. The Corolla is history, and I've now got this car to play with.

My plans for the car are mainly for a daily driven street setup. First and foremost will be repairs to get the car back in shape. I plan on staying with the KA24DE engine, as SR20 swaps are too common, I gotta do something different. The KA block is quite underrated and although the SR is also a strong engine, SR swaps are trendy. The amount of money spent on an SR install can be better put to building up a KA block and turboing it. Why swap to a smaller engine? There's no replacement for displacement. I had a fascination with the CA18DET, but its basically a cheaper SR swap (but with the best flowing heads of KA/SR/RB motors!) If you're gonna swap, I believe it should be for an RB25DET, but that's just way too expensive.

I most likely will be going to Japan next year when I graduate, for a year or possibly longer. As such, I'm going to hold off on many mods that I would like to do, and prioritize some of the more important mods, or ones that have best bang for the buck. Sorry, that means I probably won't be getting any shocks and springs anytime soon... I'm aiming to both fix stuff, and put down some mods that I feel I wouldn't have completely wasted my money on should I end up selling the car.