The garage

(first update in over four years... still need to finish uploading pictures for each car)

random pics: hatch/vert front | rear

Daily driver

Picked this car up in Sept 09 for $500. Runs great. VG30E power, rwd, all accessories work.

The only bad thing is its got this PRND21 thing in the middle. Must... resist... 5 speed swap......

1990 Infiniti M30

The vert

Bought in Feb 09 for stupid cheap cause it had a blown head gasket. Engine was previously rebuilt but was failing. Took a gamble on this one, hoping to use it as a DD while I worked on my hatch. Plus they're pretty rare...

5 speed swapped.

Engine burns oil and coolant badly. #4 oil control ring is shot, gasket probably damaged as well after overheating.

1992 Nissan 240SX SE

The project

Bought in May 08 to replace my wrecked hatch. Had to de-rice it a bit when I got it...

Engine is toast after suffering bearing damage... vacuum line to the fpr had a hole and it got pig rich.

Waiting to begin KA-T build.

Getting painted black with Brightside, just like my first hatch.

1993 Nissan 240SX SE Super HICAS

wrecked cars...

Unable to find a MT DOHC hatch anywhere remotely close to NY, a buddy of mine drove me to VA after I bought this car sight unseen off ebay in July 07.

Clearcoat was gone off most panels, so I painted it gloss black with Brightside. Ran it hard through snowy semesters in Buffalo, NY and drove it out to San Diego after graduation.

I had big plans for this car. Ended up getting t-boned by someone with no license. It had 208k and still had plenty of life left. I still miss this car...

1992 Nissan 240SX SE

Base model 5 speed with 4A-FE. The only option this thing had was A/C! I swapped in an instrument cluster with tach from a DX model tho.

Great car. Had it June 06-May 07. Wrecked by an old lady...

1996 Toyota Corolla